***Postal Inspector Scam Calls and Liteblue***
Posted On: Jan 06, 2023
 It has been reported to me from the field that postal employees around the country are receiving calls from someone posing as a Postal Inspector. The “inspector” is telling them their Liteblue account has been compromised and locked. The “inspector” is asking them to provide their EIN, and “previous” password in order to verify and unlock their account. Unfortunately, we have had some folks pony up the info. Once the information has been provided, the scammers are then logging in to the Liteblue account and changing their net-to-bank payroll information. These are reports from the field and I just reported it to USPS HQ. I have no further information but "PLEASE—DO NOT SHARE YOUR LITEBLUE/POSTALEASE LOGIN INFORMATION WITH ANYONE." The Postal Inspectors will not call and ask for this over the phone. If anyone has received this call and provided info, please attempt to login and check your Liteblue/PostalEase account immediately. Go immediately and change your password. If you can’t get in or something is suspicious—Call HRSSC immediately to fix your Liteblue/PostalEase account. If I have official communications from the Postal Service or learn more—I will let you know. This exact reason is why the Postal Service is changing to MultiFactor Authentication (MFA)—using your cell phone or email to get a code to login. 
Again—please do not give out your info!!! 

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